Iniziativa finanziata dal Programma di sviluppo rurale per il Veneto 2014-2020
Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto – Direzione AdG FEASR e Foreste


The SMArt LAbel as a guarantee tool in the WInery-customer trust relationship for Venetian high quality Pgi wines.

Problem to solve

The project is aimed to implement a smart label suited to guarantee the authenticity of Venetian Pgi wines. The development of new processes and technologies enable to codify the relevant information through a robust and secure encryption system. The correspondence between the QR code and the bottle is unique, with the main advantage to prevent fraud, and to give information related to the intrinsic quality of the products, the adoption of sustainability protocols, territorial and winery identities.

Main objective

The goal of the SMA.LA.WI. is to implement an intelligent label to guarantee the authenticity of Veneto PGI wines, through processes and technologies that allow the relevant information to be encoded through a robust and secure encryption system.

Specific objectives

The project is aimed:

  1. to define an informative system, which is able to guarantee the unique relationship product-winery in order to avoid potential frauds;
  2. to make the information of the intrinsic product quality exhaustive and reliable;
  3. to make the information of the traceability of inputs and products as well as of production processes exhaustive and reliable;
  4. to make the information about the sustainability protocols implemented by the wineries exhaustive and reliable;
  5. to transfer to the consumer the territorial value of the products as well as corporate values and identity.

A sample of wineries associated with Vignaioli Veneti is used as a case study, with the introduction of the system of watermarked labels that associate the QR code with the bottle. In addition to promoting a high-end positioning for these wines, the smart label is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) model based on the one hand on the transfer of complex product information to the final consumer, on the other on the collection of strategic “big data” to guide commercial and product innovation policies.


OTTELLA DI FRANCESCO E MICHELE MONTRESOR SOC. SEMPLICE AGRICOLA: Winery with production site in the Municipality of Peschiera del Garda, in the province of Verona, boasts an average turnover that exceeds 4.5 million per year and a corporate organizational structure with well-defined skills and roles: from the vineyard to the cellar, to the marketing and sales office. Operating in the production area of the Lugana CDO, it is a company extremely oriented towards the export of wines, both to EU markets and to emerging markets outside the EU (Russia, China, etc.).

SOC. AGR. CA’ RUGATE DI TESSARI MICHELE E AMEDEO S.S.: Winery with production site in the Municipality of Montecchia di Crosara, in the province of Verona, operates in the Soave CDO, Valpolicella CDO and Lessini-Durello CDO areas, recording an average annual turnover which exceeds 4 million euros. Twenty employees are engaged in the field in the cellar and in marketing.

AZIENDA AGRICOLA GORGO DI BRICOLO ROBERTA: azienda vitivinicola biologica Winery with production site in the Municipality of Sommacampagna, in the province of Verona, works in the Soave CDO area. Thanks to the positive results obtained from the internationalization of company products, it is registering a significant increase in average annual turnover.

PIONA FRANCO E LUCIANO SOC. SIMPLE AGRICULTURAL: Winery operating in the Custoza CDO, Bardolino CDO and Garda CDO area, extremely oriented towards the export of wines, both to EU markets and to emerging markets outside the EU (Russia, China, etc.). With an average annual turnover of 3 million euros, it employs 6 people in the field and in the cellar.

AZIENDA AGRICOLA VILLA MEDICI DI CAPRARA LUIGI: The farm takes its name from the ancient house of the Caprara family, a majestic late eighteenth-century building in Neoclassical style, which has observed for centuries the 15 hectares of vineyards under the ossuary of Custoza, which represent the oldest part of cultivation. To date, the cultivation of the Caprara family extends over 30 hectares on the precious land of the Morainic Hills.

VIGNAIOLI VENETI SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVE SOCIETY: Example of a short supply chain, the company brings together companies that make wine and manage their own brands, with the aim of enhancing and supporting the oenological tradition of the Veneto area, above all stimulating interest in the dissemination of Veneto wines quality. In particular, it works to promote the knowledge and dissemination of quality wines CDO, CGDO and PGI. in non-European countries.

STUDIO 3A S.R.L.: Works in the agricultural, agri-food sector and more generally in production sectors not exclusively belonging to the primary sector, with the role of Project Manager, acquiring good problem-solving skills during the experiences gained in many years of activity, making sure – thanks to excellent relationship and sharing skills – that the Client’s project is carried out according to his expectations and within the pre-established timing. Studio 3A is made up of a working group made up of people who have perfected over time complex planning skills, technical, legal, regulatory, agronomic and agri-food knowledge, in particular in carrying out dissemination, information and decision support actions, both to individuals and to aggregate contexts, in the development of agri-food supply chains, dealing with projects that often fall within the European program, such as: RDP, ROP, COM, Local Action Groups (LAG), Innovative Networks, Districts, Business Consortia , etc.

UNIVERSITY OF VERONA – DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ECONOMICS: Operational since 1 January 2003, the DEA operates in business sciences and agricultural sciences as a research and specialist training center. Its mission consists in increasing the well-being of people and communities through research, teaching and third mission, putting in place a strategy of continuous improvement and development of intra and inter departmental relations at a national and international level.

UNIVERSITY OF VERONA – DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE: The DI was founded in 2001 and promotes numerous teaching and research activities based on a continuum of skills ranging from mathematics to physics through computer science, seen as science and engineering. The mission of the DI is to pursue excellence in scientific research and offer its students cutting-edge teaching in step with the needs of the ever-changing market.